Don Clark, Journalist and News Anchor



“As a professional journalist, during a five year period in my own search for the truth about the Kennedy assassination, I read 35 boxes of books, three stacks to the ceiling of my study.  But for me, none of those books were as compelling and as convincing as this one. Christopher Fulton’s forced descent into the darkest parts of governmental power has now boomeranged on that power.  By plunging him into that darkness, those who maintain it have unwittingly enabled him to give America his personal witness to the nature of that darkness.  They have given him the credentials and credibility to shine the strong light of his own experience on its hidden reality.   Chris Fulton has not come back from Hell USA with a silenced voice.  He has miraculously survived to share with us all the truths we must know if we are to keep our America ‘the land of the free.’” 

Dick Russell, Author of thirteen books, including three on the Kennedy assassination



"[. . .] the single most compelling piece of evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, that someone else fired the fatal shot from the front, that a conspiracy existed—indeed that a coup d’etat may have taken place in Dallas."

Joe Kolkowitz, Hollywood Agent




“[This] is the most important manuscript I have read in 35 years.” 

Thomas McCollum III, Author




“I was completely fascinated by your work and in a twenty-five year [span], this is only the second book I have ever recommended.”

What People Are Saying


Vince Palamara, author of four books on JFK's assassination and the Secret Service:

"Fantastic book!"


"A new book I highly recommend: NEW information, very well written. NOTHING in it's 500-plus pages is in any way, shape or form old news. I am amazed that, at this late juncture, something NEW can come out in book form on this case! Get it when it comes out!"

"I sincerely believe in your book. In fact, I am so impressed I am doing something I very rarely do: I am rereading it after just finishing it!!"

Jj Gianquinto, former judge:

“If you really would like to learn what the government can do to you, or to anyone for that matter, read The Inheritance by Christopher and Michelle Fulton to be released in November. It will open your eyes to what can happen.” 

“[Christopher Fulton’s] life experience has given [him] much more wisdom that I and many off my contemporaries have, or will ever acquire.”   

Jeff Duff, president, COO, and co-founder at Airstreams Renewables, Inc.:

"Retrocausility is a new theory of quantum physics that suggest that a particle can run backwards through time to the point where it is entangled and affects its beginnings. Chris and Michelle’s new book is quite possibly that source of historical quantum information. The story is a captivating read of personal tragedy and human endurance all brought on by a disturbing reality many of us would simply rather not think about. This book will become part of historical inheritance for generations to come. "

Valerie Shampine, independent reviewer at NetGalley:

5 out of 5 stars  When Christopher Fulton buys a gold Cartier watch that belonged to JFK and was part of the original assassination materials, it sets in motion something he never saw coming. A real page-turner. This book and the information in it is simply explosive. It changes everything I thought I knew about this period in time of American history. It's shocking. A must read.” 

Wayne Whalen, entrepreneur and small business coach at USANA Health Sciences Inc.:

 “My soul is sobbing but I am so deeply aware of God’s providence to lead Christopher through the labyrinths of fate so he could bring this message to us at this time.”   

Teri Martin:

“To say the book is riveting is an understatement of the largest magnitude. While reading I literally get the feeling of being caught up in a strong current that is pulling me from the safety of the shore and taking me into a rough sea, all alone . . . and yet I don’t seem to want to go back. I am that entranced.”

“The story holds you and keeps you wanting more. I had a hard time putting it down.”  

Bettie Clark

“Heart wrenching. Riveting. Masterfully written!”   

Kelly Saunders

“We, as free citizens of The United States of America, wake up everyday and conduct our lives under the guise and ‘privilege’ of living in a free country. That is, as long as we stay out of trouble, participate in the workforce, and do our best to make a better life for ourselves and loved ones; that this is what America is all about. So, as long as you don't stumble onto anything or take any action that might be perceived as a threat to our ‘establishment,’ we continue to live our lives, completely ignorant to the evil and corruption that lurks behind the shadows of our great Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Meanwhile, we like innocent children, consume every morsel of spin and deceit our ‘elected’ leaders, elitists, and those in the media tell us to believe. I am sick right now and even brought to tears by this true story lived and told by my friend of almost 10 years. A man I have taken for granted during all the great times were have shared: birthday dinners, Sunday dinners, his gigs I did audio for, Tehachapi Idol for his lovely wife, causing Michelle to laugh so hard she snorts, etc. All the while, having no clue what he had endured in the past. I have so much more to say but I only just finished the book. I sit here in shock, my heart hurts, full of sadness, anger and contempt . . . but also gratitude because you'd never know what he'd been through by the way he lives his life.”

“A must read! This book will turn the history of JFK assassination inside out!”